Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. It’s an inevitable fact of life. Some days will be good, and some will be bad. Today has been a bad day for me. It started out fine, woke up a little late because I never set my alarm, but not too late. My alarm went off to write this post and I started, but I started a post that is currently in the drafts because I was not feeling like finishing it. I did a little workout today because something is better than nothing. Now I’m feeling like going to shoot my bow instead of working Uber/Lyft, simply because today has been a bad day.

So right now I’m just going to use this section as my own personal diary and vent about today – I have hated every second after 11 am. Not that anything specific happened, but I have moments where my mood just flips, I’d blame it on being a girl but that’s petty and makes the “crazy B” stereotype stronger, and at 11 am, my mood just flipped. It went from a decent day to a crappy one. All of a sudden the correspondences from work were more aggressive and required answers that I could not approve, I started getting hungry and there’s like no food in the house, a storm was working in and my back was tightening up in response. Just one thing after another, after another, after another, and it didn’t seem like there was going to be an end.

But that’s the bright side: bad days aren’t forever. Bad days are just that. Bad days. 24 hours or less of a bad mood/situation/timing. My bad day lasted for about 7 hours today – Man if only someone could pay for bad day compensation! – and now it’s pretty much over. Like I said I had worked out a little today because typically it makes me feel better, today it didn’t, but I felt accomplished because I did something. I pulled the dishes out of the dishwasher! That’s an accomplishment! I didn’t end up putting dirty dishes in but that’s alright, because I am one step closer to finishing that chore.

Pushing On

This could have two meanings for me, and I’ll explain them. The first: I push on through feeling bad, that way once I come out of the bad feeling, I can look back at everything I did while feeling crumby and be proud of myself. I always have the option to just sit back and lay in bed with a tub of ice cream (if there’s on in the house) and just binge watch episodes instead of doing anything productive. The second: I push on for my workouts. Sometimes I create my own workouts. Sometimes I push “on” on my phone for my BeachBody workouts. They’re actually really good workouts – if you are consistent.

The “pushing on” I’m actually going to go in depth on is the one indicating persevering even when you REALLY don’t want to. Everyone deserves to know they are not alone in feeling this way some days, and that sometimes, even just doing one thing can help. I’m not saying you have to be superwoman/superman, I’m just saying give it a shot and you might actually surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. I’ll let you in on how I get through my “bad days”.

First off, I create a list whether it’s mental or physical, I make a list. Usually I make a physical list as there is something satisfying when I feel cruddy about literally crossing off something on the list. πŸ™‚ Sometimes there are 3 things on my list, some days there are wayyyy more. Today it was on the shorter side

  • eat breakfast
  • drink water throughout the day
  • shower
  • clean dishes
    • put away clean
    • put dirty in dish washer
  • organize office/living room

I was able to accomplish 3 1/2 of the 5 things. (I only put away the clean πŸ™‚ ) Honestly, I’m happy with that, and some days accepting that I can’t do everything and just being proud of the few I do, can make the difference between getting out of the bad day, or having a break down. I can’t say this method will work for everyone as everyone is a different and unique person, but this method has helped me. Even if it ends up at the end of the day I only did one thing and I ball up the list and toss it in the rubbish, I’m proud of the one thing I DID do.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – You ARE Human (unless you’re not)

Like I said, everyone has problem days, you are not alone in thinking that maybe life would just be better if you didn’t care/try/put forth effort. Maybe existing is more satisfying than living. But you know what. It’s not. It is so much better to live than to simply exist. To make those positive life affecting decisions (like keeping a clean kitchen/bedroom/office, feeding yourself when you really just don’t feel like eating, drinking when you’re not thirsty because its 1 pm and you haven’t had a sip of water since 8:30 am) rather than wasting away on the couch or in bed.

My workout today was literally a walk. I walked around the block and when I came back I did some leg raises and push ups. (like 20 total? I didn’t really count) Am I mad at myself for only doing that? No! You know why? Because I’m human and having bad unmotivated days are natural, but letting those days win over your dreams/goals is not the way to improve yourself.

So what if you only walked instead of run? – At least you got off you butt!!

So what if you made a list of 20 things and only did 1-2 things?? – At least you did SOMETHING

What I’m trying to say is it’s not always a bad day, and when the bad days do come, they aren’t there to stay. The bad days make like a tree and leave when they must. (Hehe πŸ™‚ ) Taking pride in yourself, no matter how “small” the accomplishment, can help make those better times come to you faster. So don’t be so hard on yourself for all the things you didn’t do when feeling bad and feel good for the things you DID do. The things that make life easier for your future happy self (outside the bad day times).

Self-love is always important and remember

you can’t fill someone else’s cup if you don’t remember to fill your own.

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